Free Pick-up & Delivery from Hi-Tech Cleaners is easy, convenient and saves you a trip to the cleaners! We pick up and deliver twice a week. Place your garments out for our drivers, and your garments will be returned fresh and clean with the quality you expect from Hi-Tech.



Are some of your favorite items of clothing sitting in there waiting to be mended, hemmed or repaired? Just bring them to us, and we will get those clothes back in your closet in no time. Our finest tailors will work with you to alter any clothing items to your current needs.



Keep the memory of your favorite day for a lifetime. Let Hi-Tech Cleaners clean and preserve your wedding gown with our state of the art process. We will thoroughly inspect your gown before cleaning for along with repairing from wear and tear of the day. Our professional staff is here to ensure that your gown gets the care it needs. We guarantee all of our work. And we don’t stop at wedding gowns. We can also preserve your treasured christening gowns, sweet sixteen gowns and pageant gowns. Contact us to learn more.



You can now drop off a dry cleaning order at Hi-Tech Cleaners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in our new drop box! Just request a drop-off bag from our customer service representative at the front desk and follow these three simple steps.

1. Turn the dial counterclockwise once to clear the numbers.

2. Press 1, 2, 3, then turn the knob clockwise to open the door.

3. Deposit your clothing items.


Are you fussing and fidgeting over high value garments made of silk, wool, satin, leather or fur and how to care for them? Do the care label instructions look like Greek? Bring them in.

We will eliminate those stains that would not go away with home laundering. We have certified technicians who can give the care your garments were made to receive. Your items will be looking like new and you’ll be happy as can be with the “6-figure salary” look and feel we provide!


Our business signature! This is our source of pride and it’s what we are known for. The look of our finished shirts will beat the best of the best—giving you an extra edge in corporate and formal settings.

Utilize a crisp and sharp look on your next occasion. Our quality can’t be duplicated at home, and it’s the best deal considering the amount of painstaking care we put into each shirt. We dry clean and launder every dress shirt to tackle grease and water soluble stains.


While sleeping in is a luxury for most, it’s even better when your bed is as comfy as possible. Bedspreads, comforters and sheets that are always at their cleanest make you feel even better. You might be used to cleaning your own bedding, but give us a try and we’ll care for them so that they stay as new as possible.

Gig Harbor residents in the know trust Hi-Tech to provide the best quality cleaning for bedding & sheets. It’s a small luxury that’s so enjoyable!


Did you know that hidden dust, food and perfume smells can permeate your drapes and become trapped in the fabric? Keep your window coverings looking as new as the first time they were put up by making sure they get an annual cleaning.


Whether you’ve planned for your event for a long time, or received a last minute invitation, we can help make getting ready for your event a little easier. A wedding, a charity function, a night on the town. We know how to clean and press your gown and tuxedo with a delicate hand for the best results.


Why deal with the hassle of doing laundry when you can have our professional cleaners do it for you?

We’ll separate whites and colors before washing so you can literally “take a load off.” Then your clothes are neatly folded. socks are matched and your laundry is wrapped up nice and tidy like a present.

We think everyone should get a present now and then.


Caring for materials such as leather and suede requires the skills of a professional dry cleaner. Taking the steps to ensure these items are professionally cleaned once a year will help them to maintain their original state and keep them in your closet for a long time.



Area Rugs can sometimes be over looked with day-to-day living. Vacuuming alone won’t keep them at their best, especially with high traffic, kids and pets. Silk, Wool, Cotton, hand-loomed or woven, we know the best way to clean your area rugs to keep them looking great.