Tailoring & Alterations at Hi-Tech Cleaners!

We are more than just a dry cleaner. Hi-Tech Cleaners also offers Tailoring & Alterations Services. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we feel it is our job to offer as many services as we can. Are some of your favorite items of clothing sitting in there waiting to be mended, hemmed or repaired? Just bring them to us, and we will get those clothes back in your closet in no time. Our finest tailors will work with you to alter any clothing items to your current needs.



Our tailors can take care of all your alteration and dress making needs from beaded evening gowns, special occasion dresses, formals and suits, to leather goods and bathing suits. In addition, we can also tailor cushioned pillows or drapery to match your décor. Bring your child’s karate, scouts, or racing patches to be gladly sewn on with the love usually only found from mom. Feel free to share your ideas with us and we’ll make them happen!

Your heels won’t last a lifetime, but rest assured, we’ll do our best to make sure they last a long time! Our shoe repair experts will analyze the main needs of your heels and give them the exact fix they need to be wearable and sturdy again. Let Hi-Tech Cleaners refurbish your heels to the condition they once were in, if not better!



Alterations are a big part in extending and maintaining your wardrobe!

Think of all your clothes. Are there any suits or dresses you loved long ago that no longer fit? You can save money in the long run by making old classics into new favorites that you can wear again and again.



Having issues with your wardrobe? From buttons falling off, to stuck zippers, unraveling threads or ripped garments – we can help you repair your favorite pieces of clothing. Are there any shirts, pants, sweaters, suits or dresses in your closet that are in need of repair? Think of us as a mechanic for your clothes. We’ll try to fix what’s going on with your garments!