Repair your shoes at Hi-Tech Cleaners!

We are more than just a dry cleaner. Hi-Tech Cleaners also offers Shoe Repair Services. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, which is why we feel it is our job to offer as many services as we can. What does this mean for you? By partnering with MyShoeHospital, we are able to repair your boots or shoes with the highest quality craftsmanship and make them like new again! Ask about our Free Consultation. Learn more below about the shoe repair process.

New Heels


Our shoe repair service technicians will replace your original rubber and leather heels with the industry’s highest quality materials. All new heels are structured and hand crafted to match the original style, comfort and durability.

Your heels won’t last a lifetime, but rest assured, we’ll do our best to make sure they last a long time! Our shoe repair experts will analyze the main needs of your heels and give them the exact fix they need to be wearable and sturdy again. Let Hi-Tech Cleaners refurbish your heels to the condition they once were in, if not better!

New Soles & Heels


It is our privilege to always re-craft your favorite footwear to it’s original feel, style and comfort. We replace the soles and heels (leather and rubber) with “Top A” grade materials. Our experienced craftsmen carefully cement and stitch all replacement soles to your footwear with the utmost precision and care. Then we meticulously apply leather conditioners, hand polish and restore your footwear.

In every day life, wearing shoes seems second nature. Sometimes we fall in love with our shoes so much that no matter how old or depleted they become we just can’t seem to let them go. All the more reason to have them repaired. Our Shoe Repair Service will revitalize the soles and heels of your shoes. We’ll give them the professional care they deserve!

Miscellaneous Repairs


We have a team of patch and stitch experts who will individually examine each specific job to ensure we repair your belts, shoe or boot with the correct leather, handbags, stitch colors and the feel and look of the original seam or blemished area. We will even delicately care for your designer brands and styles, such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Coach and Versace.

  • loose seams stiched
  • repair broken zippers
  • cement insoles back secure
  • replace shoe buckles
  • patch/stitch areas of torn or damaged leather
  • replace rivets and eyelets and more…